Open interest

Open interest
The total number of derivative contracts traded that not yet been liquidated either by an offsetting derivative transaction or by delivery. Related: liquidation

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open interest ˌopen ˈinterest noun [uncountable]
FINANCE in futures (= buying a quantity of something for delivery at a fixed date in the future), the number of contracts that are active and have not been cancelled out by contracts in the other direction:

• Open interest in platinum contracts is now fluctuating at record levels.

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   A figure for the number of outstanding contracts on a futures contract which are not offset by an opposing futures transaction or fulfilled by delivery. In most cases, the open interest is measured on a daily basis. The figure reflects the degree of liquidity in that contract.
   ► See also Futures.

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open interest UK US noun [U]
(also open contracts [plural], open commitments [plural]) FINANCE the total number of futures contracts (= agreements to sell shares, etc. on a particular date in the future) or options contracts (= agreements to buy shares, etc. on a particular date in the future) that have not been finished or cancelled: »

At the beginning of the year, open interest totaled only 148,000 contracts.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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